Can Weather King construct a building on site?
No. All buildings are delivered fully assembled to the customer's site. We are able to better control costs and deliver a very high quality, durable building at an affordable price by building in a manufacturing environment.

Are all of your buildings available for Rent-to-Own?
All of the standard buildings are available for rent-to-own. There are situations where a highly customized building can require paying cash. Also, if a customer wants to modify the construction of their building or paint it, then rent-to-own or cash terms together with price may vary depending on the geographic area. Typically, though, you can add a wide variety of available options, such as six windows, or three doors. The type and size of building is a factor. We will happily consider every request on an individual basis. Call for additional information.

Can buildings be customized beyond the standard options that are offered?
As a general rule, most of our customization takes the form of our standard options. However, if you have a request that cannot be addressed with our available options, we encourage you to call us with your requirements. We can discuss the request with our builders and see if the modification is feasible and cost effective.

If I request it, will Weather King do a site inspection?
We can arrange a site inspection assuming you are willing to wait before making your purchase. Often times, a few simple questions will preclude the need for a special trip. Please call to schedule an appointment.

What type of building foundation is required?
All that is required is a reasonably flat (as opposed to level) area to place the building. We will level the building to the existing terrain. We do not need any additional foundation work such as gravel or concrete. We can certainly place the buildings on these foundations; however, they are not required for a sound and durable installation.

Why is the lead time two to three weeks?
The three week lead time allows us to construct the building, apply caulking and external finishes with adequate drying time, apply roofing shingles and work around any weather concerns that may affect the safe delivery of the finished product.

What is included in the installation?
The installation includes placing and leveling the building on site. The buildings are leveled to the terrain with treated wood blocks (ground contact rated). If you prefer, you can supply 4" x 8" x 16" solid concrete blocks (1 block for every 4 perimeter feet) to use in place of the treated wood blocks. These must be on site at the time of the installation.

Can I choose siding or roofing colors besides the colors offered in your brochures?
We prefer that customers choose from our stock colors. Please call us for more details.

What is the delivery charge for a building purchased from Weather King?
Free delivery is included in the price of the building, within a 50 highway mile radius of the store. If the distance to your site is greater than 50 miles, there is a $3.00 per mile one way charge that is payable when the building is purchased. You may not be aware of how close to your home or business we may have a store/lot, so give us a call or email and we will confirm the delivery cost.

What is the warranty on Weather King Portable Buildings?
Painted and/or treated wood: 30 years material and labor from rot and decay. Shingle roof systems: 20 years material and labor.
Treated flooring, runners and leveling blocks: 40 years from rot and decay, 5 years craftsmanship warranty.

Can a building be moved once it has been installed?
Yes. Cost and scheduling will be determined on a case by case basis.
Do the buildings need to be anchored?
The buildings need to be anchored in certain locales where severe weather accompanied by high winds is common. There are some select municipalities outside those areas that may also require anchors. You should consult your local codes and conditions for specific requirements in your area.

Will Weather King remove any unwanted building from my property?
No. The installers are not equipped to remove or haul debris of any type.
Will Weather King obtain the necessary permits for a specific locale?
Weather King, delivery teams and local dealers do not obtain building permits, conduct covenant searches or research deed and homeowner association restrictions. All local code or building inspection requirements are the sole responsibility of the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to decide whether ground conditions are suitable for delivery. Weather, Weather King nor its affiliated agents, dealers, delivery contractors are not responsible for yard or driveway damage.

How sturdy are the floors in Weather King buildings?
The floor systems are very sturdy. The garages are built with 12 inch (on center) floor supports. All other models are built with 16 inch (on center) floor supports. The floors will easily handle heavy power equipment, motorcycles, bulk storage, etc. The garages will support automobiles.

How much side-to-side clearance does the installer need to move the building onto my property?
A good rule of thumb is the building width plus 1 foot on either side. In other words, if you choose a 10 foot wide building, we will require 12 feet of clearance in order to place the building on the property.

How much vertical clearance does the installer need to get the gooseneck trailer and the building onto my property?
The trailers are approximately 30 inches in height. The buildings range in height from the short wall utility buildings (102 inches) to the lofted barn with 3 inches of optional, additional height (139 inches). Depending on the model the customer chooses, the installer would need a minimum clearance of between 11.5 feet to 15 feet.

Can a building be installed in an area where it is not possible for the truck and trailer combination to get close to the site?
Yes, with advance notice, the installer can unload the building from the trailer and maneuver it onto the site with some specialized equipment. The installer will discuss your specific needs when the delivery is scheduled.

What should I do if the building settles?
The building will be properly leveled when it is installed; however it is possible the building will settle over time. Weather King assumes no responsibility for leveling the building after the initial installation. The corners of the building can easily be raised with a utility jack and the building shimmed back to level.

Will the installer remove and replace obstacles such as step railings, fence posts, basketball goals, etc, to facilitate the placement of the building on a customer's property?
No. Any necessary removal and/or replacement of obstacles on the site is the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

Can metal roofs be ordered for Weather King buildings?
Yes, but an additional cost will be incurred. Please check our Purchase Order Quote Form or call.

Do you build or supply ramps for your buildings?
We do not furnish ramps because it is not possible to produce or stock a universal ramp that will meet all situations. Some buildings will be blocked 3 or 4 feet above the ground, while others will be only inches. Changes in slope from one side to the other can be difficult to address also. We feel that it is best for you, the customer, to make your own determination after the building is set up.

Why is my 12' wide building only about 11'6" wall to wall?
We are limited by hauling regulations as to how wide a building we can deliver. The current regulation is 12'. For this reason, 12' wide buildings are measured from eave to eave. Our 8' and 10' wide buildings are measured from wall to wall. In some areas, 12' wide buildings can be built to be 12' wide on the floor measurements. Please call if you need further assistance regarding this decision.

What kinds of maintenance will be required on my building?
No maintenance is required. We do recommend that you apply a stain to a treated building somewhere between 6-mo and 1-year of receiving it.

Do I need to have permits or other paperwork?
You are responsible for contacting your local city and county agencies in regard to zoning, permits, setbacks, and covenants. Also, it is recommended that you contact your Home Owners Association (if applicable) to determine what neighborhood rules and regulations may be apply.

WeatherKing Portable Buildings of Arizona

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